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Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem
"Can you hear the rhythm of Allah’s creation?
The rhythm of the clapping of the thunder and the rain.
Can you see the rhythm of Allah’s creation?
The lightning and the leaves, and the seasons as they change."

I wish it would rain right now. I love it when it when the rain pours down and the thunder claps and booms, and the lightning flashes its light on the dark sky showing everyone the clear signs of Allah's power.

O Beautiful rain, you are to us a blessing, a ni'mah from out lord. I look back to you now and how i miss you so. How i wish we could dance together again under those gracious clouds. You may be seen as a nuisance by others but I, I lay out my palm waiting for one drop to fall down...

The rhythm of our world beats in surrender to Allah
Our blood and our breathing testify
The rythm of surrender is a part of who we are
With each heartbeat and involuntary blink of our eyes
A part of us we can't deny...

-Dawud Wharnsby Ali


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