Ya rab!

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Grant us with (the recitation of every) alif, ulfah [love]
with (every) baa, barakah [blessing]
with (every) taa, tawbah [repentance]
with (every) thaa, thawaab [reward]
with (every) jeem, jamaal [beauty]
with (every) haa, hikmah [wisdom]
with (every) khaa, khair [goodness]
with (every) daal, daleel [proof]
with (every) dhaal, dhakaa [intelligence]
with (every) raa, rahmah [mercy]
with (every) zaa, zakaah [purity]
with (every) seen, sa’aadah [happiness]
with (every) sheen, shifaa’ [cure]
with (every) saad, sidq [sincerity]
with (every) daad, diyaa’ [light]
with (every) taa, taraawah [tenderness]
with (every) zaa, zafar [victory]
with (every) ‘ain, ‘ilm [knowledge]
with (every) ghain, ghinaa [wealth]
with (every) faa, falaah [success]
with (every) qaaf, qurbah [nearness]
with (every) kaaf, karamah [nobility]
with (every) laam, lutf [gentleness]
with (every) meem, maw’izah [exhortation]
with (every) nun, noor [light]
with (every) waaw, wuslah [connection]
with (every) haa, hidayah [guidance]
and with (every) yaa, yaqeen [certainty]


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