Finals Week

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Its finals week, well for the public schools at least. I had my tests last week and yesterday was the beginning of the second semister. For electives this semister I'm taking a Speech and Debate course wich is pretty good so far. However I made a big mistake in choosing, "Introduction to Computers and Applications". Its all beginners! How to use Word, Powerpoint, where the start button is. I mean give me a break! And I have the worst Advisory teacher, "I sent her about 7 webmails and she has yet to reply back to any of them."

Last week's meeting for our youth group didn't go so well. I thought about the reasons which were,

  1. Not many people came due to the fact that they were all busy doing last minute reviews for thier mid-term exams.
  2. We didn't really think about what we were going to do in the meeting, so it turned out that we sort of went in circles and didn't accomplish anything.
  3. Most of us had our own ideas that we thought should be implemented and thus we spent most of our time trying to get our ideas through

Well there's going to be another meeting this Saturday from 12:30 - 2:00? I'm not really sure of when it ends. I'm planning on calling the other main members before the meeting so we are more organized this time...I'm really hoping this youth group thing will be a sucess. And last thing, we need a name change, 'As-Sabr Youth Group' sounds....


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