I remember playing that game with my siblings (not that we don't anymore, but it just seems too kiddish now. Only our friend boredom can make us play it again). Yesterday i was watching the little Pre-schoolers and kindergartners for a few minutes. As they waited for their parents to pick them up, one girl decided to introduce the 'I Spy' game to them and they quickly started spy-ing on different things. Kids are funny sometimes (if not all the time). Here's short excerpt from thier game:

Girl1: I spy with my little eye something white!

So the rest of the kids start guessing their heads off. After 10 (it seemed like 10) minutes of torture she finnaly game them the answer: A white piece of paper that was stuck in one of the girls' hair. =)

Speaking about eyes, my eye sight is getting WORSE! Mom's quote: you're not even 16 yet and an old lady probably has better eyesight =P

Alhamdulillah 'ala kuli 7aal


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