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Here's a short passage from a story i was working on last summer..

Her words were so familiar, but I couldn’t remember where I had heard them before.

“You’re beautiful Huda, but true beauty lies within. You can be the world’s prettiest girl and have a heart that is darker than a moonless night. At the same time you can be the most ordinary looking girl and have a heart that is free from all animosities, and sins.”


“Come on Huda, don’t tell me you aren’t ready. How do you know you will have time to wear it later?” We stopped at a stoplight and she stared at me.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“How do you know you’re gona be here later? You might die this second you know. Try for once to think about the present instead of the future. Just remember, anything that happened yesterday is gone. You can’t change it anymore. And anything that’s gona happen is not in your will. You have no say in the matter at all, and you don’t even know if you’re gona be there to see it. You just have to focus on your present, today. Don’t say I will or I’m going to do something for myself later, because you are not a predictor of anything.”

I didn’t say anything. Something was bugging me and it wasn’t just her words. I opened the window and stared out of it as Halah kept on talking. The breeze was cold against my face. Suddenly I heard Halah gasp. I turned to her and saw her face pale. I followed her gaze just as I heard a loud screech. A pick-up truck was out of control. The blue blur spun in wild circles as it came closer and closer to our car. A scream came out of my mouth.

I recovered later only to find myself in an ultimate darkness. My eyes... open your eyes, I thought. I sat up painfully and saw a group of people around me. When I looked to my right I gasped. Halah was lying next to me. Her face had blood streaking down from her forehead. Her once white Hijab was now soaked with blood.

“Halah!” I cried as I placed her head on my lap.

She opened her eyes slowly and looked up at me.

“Huda…don’t forget…my words.” She struggled to say. Every word causing her pain.
“Don’t forget your Hijab Huda. Please!” her words were getting strained. Her eyes looked away from my face. They seemed to be staring at something.
“Huda, be good. We’ll meet again Inshallah…in Jannah.”
The words were trapped in my throat. I wanted to speak but I couldn’t.
“It’s beautiful. I can see it now…I can see it Huda. We’ll meet there. Promise me you’ll be a good Muslim.” Her eyes penetrated mine. “Do you promise me?” I felt myself nod. “I’m leaving Huda. I’m sure of it…give my Salams to Umi.” She said referring to mom. She gave me a weak smile.
“No! Halah! You can’t! Please!” I found my voice.
“It’s not my choice my little sister…If my time is over, there’s nothing I can do to change that…” she paused and her face shined as she gazed at something only her eyes could see. I heard sirens in the distance. They were coming closer and closer.
“Huda…good bye…I can see the angels Huda. They’re coming closer. They’re carrying something.” She narrated what she was seeing. “They’re carrying a gold cushion. Huda, this is so elegant.” She looked back at me again as if saying bye.
“La ilaha Ila Allah.” Those were her last words. I felt her whole body stiffen then she went limp in my arms. My tears started to leak out.


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