'Friends are stars in the night's sky'

I truly love my friends, each and everyone of them. They are all unique in their own way. But the best part is that we are muslim and we have the love and belief of Allah in our hearts. We are sometimes loud, annoying, crazy, weird, and strong-willed. None of us are alike so that saying 'opposites attract' really does apply.

My friends that I am speaking of are a select few. You don't need alot of friends to make you happy. And choosing the right friend is hard. They might turn into 'perfume sellers' or 'black-smiths'. I met my friends at different stages and times of my life. But that doesn't mean I cherish one more than the other its just that I relate to them differently. I met some in school, some at the Masjid, and also one is a very close family member (we might come to your state next week!).

I love my friends and I ask Allah to keep us friends in this life and in the hereafter......AMEEN


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