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Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem,

Some quotes from Kamal el-Makki's lecture, The End of Music

"Halal things usually have good or positive discriptions, and they are surrounded with good things. Likewise, Haraam things are surrounded by things that are haraam, not permissible, or generally bad. When people gather around music, that gathering usually contains alcohol, intermingling, or other wrong things. Also you won't find the 'good' people in the gathering. People like the Imaams or shuyookh."

"The feeling you get from Music does not bring you any closer to Allah."

"Music and Quran cannot exist in the same heart simultaneously."

"Which is better for you and strengthens your Imaan and connection with Allah, Quran or Music?"

"Music opens the doors to evil."

"Wich one does Allah love more? Music or Quran? Quran! So why don't you love what Allah loves?"

"The arabs call singers, 'fanaan'. The origin of the name is 'striped donkey'. When the righteous people first saw these people they gave them a befitting name, donkeys."

"Music wastes your time."

"Music diverts you away from the dhikr of Allah."


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