Imam Siraaj once said a brother came up to him and said "Imam we love listening to you, your great, you recharge our batteries"

Imam Siraj replied, 'Alhamdulliah that is good, ... but I'd rather fix your alternator then giving you a quick charge and die out. We dont speak to be listened to for a quick charge and then the people continue as they were... and when that charge goes down the people go for another "recharge" by going to another lecture... '

He said:

'I'd rather inspire a change in you that will keep you focusing on this religion then relying on people to give talks to motivate you. We should be motivated just because we have the greatest religion and the promise of Allah that we will be successful if we follow his law.'

He is someone you will remember even if you listen to him only once...baraka Allahu feeh


  1. Naadiya Patel // April 12, 2009 at 1:40 AM  

    I LOVE Imam Siraj fi Amaninallah

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