You neglect me

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Tarnished and deprived, you're left me, not even acknowledging my presence... So hungry I am, yet you don't feed me. You don't care about me. You deprive me of my nourishment, of my supplements, of my vitamins. Day by day, you grow fatter, feeding your materialistic body, which is made of clay and will be buried with the mud and filth in the ground. As you grow old, you try to beautify your body with cosmetic surgeries and venomous make up. You try to find eternal happiness, that too with material wealth.

You have demurred my presence. You have ripped me into shreds with your evil and ignominious ways. I am now damaged beyond repair. You wonder why you take anti depressants everyday, why you can't fall asleep without your sleeping pills... Why do you need PILLS to make yourself HAPPY? These pills make my condition worse.

You cannot see anyone in happiness... you burn with jealousy if someone has something you don't have. You love to compete and defeat everyone else; thinking your expensive Infiniti or Iphone will give you respect and honor.

I cry out to you, in a language unknown to you, because you are too ignorant. Your mind cannot comprehend my pleading cries. You cannot understand my profound language. It is ineffable... You wonder why you feel so depressed at times. You wonder what the nagging feeling is... The cry in your mind, the nettling yells. Why can you not understand me? Why can you not give me what I desire? Why are you after acquiring the desires of your body and flesh?

Your ears and eyes are the doors to your heart, the heart, the door to me... You fill me with the filthy words you hear, the rotten and nasty songs which are comprised of disgusting lyrics... You fill your MIND with vile thoughts and imagery from television! It gives your eyes momentary pleasure, but in the long term, demolishes my vision.

You are a sybarite. All you want is material wealth... You want the new car you see on a TV commercial, even if you can't afford it, even if you have to drown yourself in debt for it. You want that new I-pod even though you already have a working one... Think about it for a second, does it really give your heart happiness? Does it really put your mind to rest? Your closet is full of clothes, yet you still complain, acting as if you have NOTHING to wear. You don't even think back a second and thank Allah for everything he's given you, NO, you keep on complaining, you cannot live a day without saying something foul.

You don't even dare to touch the Quran, as if it will burn your fingers. You parry religious lectures, people, and the masjid; shrugging them off as prosaic. You neglect Allah... It gives me more pain, because His remembrance in your heart is my food... His praise is my supplement... His ibadaat is my nutrition... You neglect me and yourself, as I am a part of you, from my rights, from my haq...


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