Who are we?

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Saturday March 14, 2009

Dear Journal,

Who we are and what we do?
Isn't life more important than a name and number and place?
Or is just simpler than we make it out to be?

In science we learn that Humans are from the kingdom Anamalia. So science is teaching us that we are animals by nature? I disagree with this, Allah created us different than animals. He gave us ‘minds’ he gave us an intellect to use. And by using this intellect we will acquire plenty...With our intellect we can acquire knowledge, money, status, and a lot more. But even if we have the best of names, accompanied by the best status and we are one of the greatest scholars, this name holds no value, no meaning without a way of life.

That is where Islam comes in my life. Islam is a way of life and teaches me how to behave, how to react, and hot to change myself from nothing, to something.

Alhamdulillah Ala Ni3mat Al-Islam...


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