There will be a Spring Break Lecture Series at the Masjid throught out the Spring Break... Here's the schedule:


Friday March 20:
'Importance of Knowledge' - Sheikh Muhammed
Time: Maghrib - Isha

Saturday March 21:
'Al-Ihsaan' - Hamad Al-Shammari
Time: Maghrib to Isha
*They requested that you read Surah Yusuf before coming - I think there will be a lesson on it*

Sunday March 22 - Thursday March 26:
'Aqeedah' - Hamad Al-Shammari

'Book of Prohibited Deeds' - Sheikh Muhammed
Maghrib to Isha

Friday March 27:
'Some of the Youth Problems' - Hamad Al-Shammari


For the Aqeedah and Prohibited deeds lessons, this is how they'll work:

Brother Hamad will be giving his lesson from 6:00 to Maghrib which is around 7:30. After Maghrib, the Shiekh will give his lesson until Isha.


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