Silat ar-Rahm

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I was thinking about the importance of Silat ar-Rahm recently and how many cases of people there are, who cut off relations with their families. More specifically, I was thinking about how Allah cuts off those who cut off the family relations.

To illustrate it, a person may cut off relations with a family member and in doing so, that person will avoid anything to do with that famly member: they'll move to a different city (and this has happened), they'll change all their contact info so that this family member can never contact or find them (and this has happened), they'll change jobs, change communities, basically cut themselves off from their previous lifestyle all so that they can avoid this family member. Sometimes, it gets so bad, that a family will refuse to go to the masjid, all because they want to avoid so and so whom they cut off relations with.

It's really sad but it happens. The meaning of this hadeeth might have been really obvious to you all, but seeing this "cutting off" take place before my eyes I really understood the impact of Allah cutting off relations with you. It's even more amazing how many people belittle this major sin as if it's nothing and they hold grudges for years and years, until even death.

May Allah strengthen and have mercy on those who have families who have abandoned them, rejected them, and cut off relations with them. And may Allah guide those families to repentance and join the relations which were broken, Ameen.


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