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Signs of a Good End

1. Declaring the shahadah at the time of death.
2. Dying with a perspring forehead.
3. Dying on the night or day of jumu'ah.
4. Martyrdom on the battlefield
5. A woman's death because of pregnancy or delivery.
6. Dying while defending one's property or family.
7. Dying while defending one's deen.
8. Dying during self-defense.
9. Dying while doing a righteous deed.
10. Being praised after death by the righteous Muslims.

Signs of an Evil End

1. Dying while in a state of disbelief.
2. Committing suicine.
3. Dying while performing an act of disobedience.
4. Refusing to say shahadah at the time of death.
5. Being condemned after death by the righteous muslims
6. Addiction to alcohol.
7. Ill treating the parents.
8. Sudden death.
9. Dying before repenting from a major sin.


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