Last Saturday we went to Seattle for shopping. And since my aunt tagged along, the car was mega packed. I can't say i had much fun but I did manage to buy a few things *other then the clothes* We went to this Muslim bookstore, the guy there had something wrong with his hearing we had to practically shout at him.

For DVD's I bought three of Khalid Yasin's lectures. I already watched two.

1. Struggling to be a Muslim
2. From the Womb to the Tomb
3. The Quran in the Modern World

But the best part was the book my dad bought. 'Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet' By Ibn Qayyim Al-Jauziyah.

Although it was written over six hundred and fifty years ago, it is still really useful for our generation in which health and natural health care products have become an important part of the lives of so many people. Ibn Qayim talks about the different ways the prophet use to deal with different health issues and diseases. One thing i liked about the book is that it includes the Arabic with the English...So far i read half of the book, still have a bit left...


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