Some of my favorite quotes from Muhammed AlShareef:

"Wear the makeup of iman: illuminate your face by praying Qiyam"

"If Jannah was a place of our desires, it would be a sad place because our creativity is limited''

"Some people don't do things for the fear of failure, but the fact that they didn't do anything makes them failures."

"Earth is soft enough to dig, but hard enough to sustain a building."

"Allah created you so when you follow His guidance, happiness is yours."

"Put Quran in your dawah, when you take it out, you fail"

"When the wave of fitnah hits, you only have with you the knowledge you’ve already gained."

"Did you login for Fajr today?"

"What does a child get when they get good grades? Candy! What do they get when they get bad grades? Go read the Quran NOW! In doing so, we are anchoring the child to link junk with pleasure and Quran with pain. No wonder many college students eat chocolate bars."

"There are times of happiness, and there are times of sadness. The bitter cold of the winter is not the end of the world. It is the time to plant new seeds, to show patience and get out of the winter as quickly as possible. The key is not to avoid the winters, no one can do that. But when the winter hits, show patience and gratitude so that it passes quickly."

"When you are being attacked, if you hold back your anger and stay silent for the Sake of Allah, you will see that Allah will protect you, and that the righteous people will become your defenders"


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