I'll probably be posting a lot of Arabic gems and poetry from now on. Arabic is so deep, just take a look at this...

[حب] ‘Hub’ is love
[عشق] ‘ishq’ is love that entwines two people together
[شغف] ‘shaghaf’ is love that nests in the chambers of the heart
[هيام] ‘hayam’ is love that wanders the earth
[تيه] ‘teeh’ is love in which you lose yourself
[ولع] ‘walah’ is love that carries sorrow with it
[صبابة] ‘sababah’ is love that exudes from your pores
[هوى] ‘hawa’ is love that shares its name with ‘air’ and ‘falling’
[غرم] ‘gharam’ is love that is willing to pay the price

And those are only a few examples, there are a lot more words they use besides the ones above and each have their own meaning. Not one of them is a perfect synonym for the other. But try translate all those words in english or any other language and you'll probably end up with less than 3 words.

I want to give the Lecture in the Friday circle again, this time I'll be more prepared. I'll ask Khala Hamdia today inshallah =)


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