"It might be that you dislike something and it be good for you, and it might be that you like something and it is bad for you..Allah knows, and you know not."

We somehow always fall into the trap of liking something, and while it did give us the temporary satisfaction, it ended up being bad for us in the end, and then we were left with
"Urgh Why'd I do that!" and learn from it.

And then there are those things that we have to grudgingly do at first, and we never realize how important it is in our lives to have it, until it really does help us. There are also those things that we have to understand about islam, but inside our character feels a bit NOT at ease with the matter, but it is good for us, and we don't know how, but it is, because He knows!

This quote is true for every matter of our everyday lives, so let's try and complain less, and see the good side of everything, as well as leave the wisdom up to Allah(swt), there's a reason behind it that you might never know until the day of judgement


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    Nice blog... checking out your blog list.

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