We have seen so many people with disabilities ... some physical ... some mental.
We have seen milllionz dying of hunger every day,

No food,
No drink,
No clothes to even barely cover them.
No computer
No cozy couches
No heat


We have seen orphans.
We have seen the poor.
We have seen the needy.

And there is just so so so much more misery out there.

BUT ...

Did we ever realize how blessed we are?

Alhamdulillah, we have everything!

To begin with, we are normal, we have 2 hands, 2 legs, 2 eyes, 2 ears....... EVERYthing.

Being a normal human being in itself is sooo so soo sooooooo much.

We are sane
We have parents
We have siblings
We have food
We have water
We have clothes
We get education
And we are MUSLIMS...

We are Muslims ...

I was born a Muslim ... n I can’t thank ALLAH (SWT) enough for that.

We lose heart over such silly things..... WHY???

Why don't we look at what we have rather than grieve at such minor things???????

If we start counting all that ALLAH (SWT) has given us ... has blessed us with ... we wont be able to do that and thank HIM enough if we were thank HIM every second of our lives.


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