I saw a light in the distance coming closer and closer.
I raised my hand to shield my eyes, surprisingly this did no good.
The light seemed to be penetrating through my hand.
I closed my eyes but still to no avail. My head was spinning.

The light was unbearable...

Just when I thought I was gona die from the severe headache it was giving me I jumped up.
Looking around me I found myself sitting on my bed.
It was only a dream I told myself.
I reached out to turn on the lamp next to my bed.
To my horror I noticed my hand had gona right through the lamp as if it wasn’t even there!!

I pulled back my hand in terror.

Slowly I reached out to touch the lamp again, but the same thing happened.

What was going on?!

I glanced at the clock; the luminous numbers read three in the morning.
What was I doing awake at this time?
I wanted to go back to sleep but I was enveloped with fear.

Questions but no answers.

I jumped out of my bed and ran to my mom’s room hoping for some condolence or answers.

I walked up to her bed and tried shaking her awake.

She didn’t get up.

“Mom?” I whispered calling her.

“Mom please get up!”

I started to feel panic.
Why wasn’t she answering?

Is she dead?!

I quickly illuminated that possibility.


She can’t be!


My voice was really loud now, but still I got no answer...

Suddenly she shot up on her bed nearly throwing me over.

She was breathing hard. I saw her raise her hand to her chest to calm herself.

“Mom? Mom what’s wrong?” I asked. She didn’t seem to hear me.

She leaned over and shook my dad.

“What?” he asked sleepily.

“I fear there’s something wrong with the kids.” She said as she started to get up. Dad turned over on his bed.

“Go to sleep there’s nothing wrong.” He mumbled half asleep.

“No. Something happened I know.” She said as she nearly ran to our room. Dad got up and followed her lazily.

“Mom! Wait!” I called after her.

She opened the door of the room I shared with my older brother. My dad looked over her shoulder.

I was about to look inside when I heard my father’s words.

“See they’re both asleep. There’s nothing to be worried about.” He said.

Both? But...but I was standing right next to him! Why couldn’t he see me?

I went inside and was surprised to see someone sleeping in my bed! Whaaat...I was speechless. The person was an exact copy of me.

I glanced at my hands.

If that’s me then who??


Yes I'm very mean to stop writing right at the most suspenseful part *smiles* and a lame title but maybe I'll think of a better title when I finish...


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