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In my quiet corner on my desk with my head propped up by a tight fist, i sat ingesting dates and names of major events in American History. My despised History book lay on my walnut colored desk, and my pen moved up and down the paper as I took notes. 10 min's later I reviewed them only to find that I haven't understood a word...

I don't know what happened, I can't seem to focus on my work. Even when i have my full attention on the book a few minutes later I find that I have forgotten what i just read. Its frustrating and it only happens with History and Biology. English is fine even though I'm taking 'The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet,' at least i'm focused and i know what i'm reading. But when I get to bio and History it's like i have a hole in the back of my brain and all the information is running away. Maybe there's no more room in there. Maybe that's why they're running away. Hmmm

Oh I didn't post that I exceeded in my Science State Exam yesterday. I had to get above 236 to pass and I got 252! Alhamdulillah! I'm really really relieved, I won't have to take the OAKS test for the rest of my Highschool year. Yes!


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