Anyone who has even a lil bit of arabic knowledge should listen to Nabeel Al-Awdhy. He's soo easy to understand and such a great speaker mashallah! From the thousands of Arab Sheikhs I listen to, he comes in second place *after Muhammed Al-Arify*

Anytime i want an Iman Boost I'll just turn one of his lectures on. Like tonight I was listening to this one. And subhanallaaaaah! That's all I can say!

Also I can say I learned my arabic by listening to his lectures. Yes hard to believe but its true. It all started in my first year of middle school *6th Grade* of course I knew arabic a lil *so I being the one with high self esteem back then decided that i am capable of listening and understanding arabic lectures* And yeh at first i was like huh? But Alhamudlillah Al-Ladhi 3alamani!


Edit* I found out is his site =)


  1. Eman Issa // October 9, 2009 at 8:52 PM  

    Wow Sadiyah, I never knew you learned it this way.

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