During the Winter Break in December, I had asked Khala Hamdia if I could give a talk at the weekly Halaqah that we have on friday nights. Of course she said yes, but on the day i was suppose to give my talk, it snowed. So it was delayed...Then a thousand other things kept coming up and finaly after a month I gave my talk on 'The Prophet's Mercy' two weeks ago. That topic was not however the one that i prepared. On Wednesday I had given my aunt a glance at what i was going to speak about and she decided to 'suggest a better topic that would appeal to everyone'. And for somereason i agreed. *The halaqah turned out okayish according to the poeple who were there* but i personaly was not happy...

Yesterday i sat down with a paper and pencil (geeky, yes i know) and actually wrote down what i wanted to accomplish in life, my goals, long term and short term. .. and one of my goals was to memorize the Qur'an.

My orginal talk was titled, 'An Easy Way to memorize the Quran' and while i was reaserching a stumbled on a chart and it said that if you memorize one line per day (not one ayah, but one line) from your standard Qur'an (the ones with 15 lines per page) you can finish memorizing the Qur'an in 20 years.. and if you do 2 lines thats like 10 years.

In Middle school i use to memorize 2-3 pages a day *I'm so frustrated with myself for stopping*. Basically, 2 lines per day is too little. Another alternative: If you memorize 2 pages per day, you can finish the quran in 10 months and 6 days. Imagine!


Edit: I think I'll ask Khala to give another talk...maybe


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