If Allah was to judge you only on what you did today, what would your fate be?

The above may be just a question but it’s full of wisdom. Seriously, just for a minute forget being judged for your whole life. Imagine if you were told that you would be accounted for what you did today and today only. Where would you end up? In Jannah enjoying all its fruits and shade? Or would you end up in Jahannam burning in its pit?
Also don’t you think erasing a day of bad deeds is easier than erasing a whole year or even more? I remember the reminders Khala Halah use to give us after Tafseer classes.

“Every night before you go to sleep, judge yourself for every small deed that you did that day. If it was good then, khair make a plan to repeat that good deed again in the future. But if you did something wrong, ask Allah to forgive you. Who knows you may go to sleep and not wake up again.”

May Allah have mercy on us...


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