Hug a Tree!

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Jabir relates: There was a trunk of a date-palm tree on which the Holy Prophet would lean when delivering his sermon. When a pulpit was placed in the mosque we heard the trunk cry out like the cry of a pregnant she-camel. The Holy Prophet descended from the pulpit and put his hand on the trunk and it became quiet.

Another version is: When the Friday arrived the Holy Prophet sat on the pulpit and the trunk of the date-palm tree on which he used to lean cried out as if it would spinter asunder.

A third version is: It cried like the crying of a child and the Holy Prophet came down and took hold of it and drew it to himself and it began to sob like a child that is being comforted till it stopped, satisfied. The Holy Prophet said: It cried remembereing what it used to hear of the Reminder. (Bukhari)


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