*Syed and Fatima work furiously on a Biology assignment in the group study area of the School Library*

Syed: So have you finished the assignment?
Fatima: Not yet uffff.
Syed: Hey no worries, we’ll get it done inshAllah.
Fatima: I hope so… I’m doing terrible in this class.
Syed: Hang in here Fatty, hang in there.
Fatima: Please don’t call me Fatty in public.
Syed: Sorry.
Fatima: Ah it’s okay. You’ve been helping me this entire year and I appreciate it.

*A random sister named Zainab walks up to them*

Zainab: Assalamu Alaikum
Syed: Wasalams
Fatima: Wasalaikumu Asalam
Zainab: Ummm … I’ll talk to you later Fatima.

*Zainab leaves and walks to her locker. Balqees approaches her. *

Balqees: Salam
Zainab: Oh my gyad! Guess what!
Balqees: What??
Zainab: I just saw Syed and Fatima in the library.
Balqees: So?
Zainab: Together! Alone!
Balqees: OMG
Zainab: I know! *squeels*
Balqees: Those two are ALWAYS together.
Zainab: I KNOW!
Balqees: Well thanks for the news. I have to go to class.

*Balqees leaves and heads to her class. She is stopped in the halls by another sister.*

Haifa: Hey Balqees!
Balqees: Haifa!! *squeels*
Haifa: Wow you look awfully happy today.
Balqees: I got the biggest news story ever!
Haifa: *screams* REALLY? WHAT IS IT?
Balqees: Well do you know Syed?
Haifa: Oh that cute guy who always gives the athaan?
Balqees: YEAH! Well I heard that he likes Fatima!
Haifa: NO WAY!
Balqees: YEAH! It’s sooooo cute.
Haifa: Awwwww
Balqees: Well I have to go to class. Wasalam!

*Balqees leaves. Haifa stands in the middle of the hall, thinking to herself. She is approached by another random sister.*

Haifa: Oh hey Yas!
Yasmeen: Salam Haif! What’s up?
Haifa: Just standing around.
Yasmeen: Oh I like doing that too. What are you thinking about?
Haifa: What to wear for… oh oop!
Yasmeen: Oop what?
Haifa: I’m not sure if I was supposed to say … I think it’s a secret.
Yasmeen: Oh come on!
Haifa: Arright I’ll tell you! But promise not to tell anyone!
Yasmeen: I pinky square it.
Haifa: Okay well I was thinking what I should wear to…
Yasmeen: YEAH?
Yasmeen: Oh my gaaaaaad. NO WAY.
Haifa: YES.
Yasmeen: When? When?
Haifa: I don’t know but I’ll keep you updated.
Yasmeen: WOW this is amazing. I have to go home. Talk to ya later Haifs. Salams

*Yasmeen walks towards the bus stop but is stopped by another sister*

Yasmeen: Oops, excuse me.
Salma: Hah, almost ran passed me did you girlie?
Yasmeen: LOL omg Salma didn’t see you there.
Salma: Why are you smiling?
Yasmeen: Oh for no reason.
Salma: Oh come on there’s a reason!
Yasmeen: Okay but promise not to tell ANYONE. Like really.
Salma: I promise. Teehee.
Yasmeen: Okay… well. SYED AND FATIMA are MARRIED.
Salma: WHAT?
Yasmeen: YEAH! They did one of those online nikkahs!
Salma: Are those even legal?
Yasmeen: Maybe…maybe not. But either way they’re hitched.
Salma: So that’s why they’re always together.
Yasmeen: Yeah we should be receiving Walima invitations soon. What to wear?
Salma: *giggle* I already know what hijab I’m wearing hahaha.
Yasmeen: *giggle*
Salma: Okay well I better go study. Ciao.

* Salma leaves and heads to the library. She spots Syed and Fatima. *

Salma: Hey guys
Fatima: What’s up?
Salma: Just wanted to send my congratulations. LOL *giggle*

* Salma leaves*

Syed: Congratulations for WHAT?
Fatima: I’m not entirely sure. Maybe they’re happy that Mom’s feeling better?


Lol! Got it from here... Make sure not to spread gossip like that! Check the news you get before spreading it around...


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