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The other night, I was lying in bed, waiting to drift asleep, when a random thought suddenly popped into my head:

“Alhamdulillah, I haven’t seen any bugs in the house for a long time now…”

Then today I was cleaning the kitchen. As i wiped around the sink I saw this black lil thing. So i thought it was a lil toy bug and I 'picked it up' only to find it was REAL! EEEEEEEE you have no idea how much i hate bugs! yuck i can still remember the feeling *shudders*

I went with my sister's school to this feild trip that they had as a volunteer. There was this lady who was holding this HUGE green bug. And she told me to stick out my hand, and being the 'crazy person' that I am I did and yeh she let the bug 'crawl' up my hand. Or at least she tried to, she had to catch it cuz I nearly dropped it when the first leg touched my hand =$


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