أغرى امرؤ يوماً غلاماً جاهلاً * * * بنقوده كيما ينال به الوطر
One day a man tempted an ignorant boy Using his money, in order to achieve his objective

قال ائتني بفؤاد أمك يا فتى * * * ولك الدراهم والجواهر والدرر
He said, “O young one, bring me the heart of your mother And money, jewels and pearls will be yours!”

فمضى و أغرز خنجراً في صدرها * * * و القلب أخرجه و عاد على الأثر
So he went and plunged a dagger into her chest And took out the heart and returned the way he came

لكنه من فرط سرعته هوى* * * فتدحرج القلب المعفر إذ عثر
But because of his haste, he fell And the dusty heart rolled away as he stumbled

ناداه قلب الأم و هو معفر * * * ولدي حبيبي هل أصابك من ضرر
The heart of his mother called him, and he was covered in dust, “My son! My beloved! Are you hurt?!”

فكأن هذا الصوت رغم حنوه * * * غضب السماء به على الولد انهمر
The voice, although it was so gentle, yet It was like the wrath of the Heavens had fallen on the boy

ودرى فظيع خيانة لم يأتها * * * أحد سواه منذ تاريخ البشر
Thus he understood the enormity of his betrayal that nobody Had committed but him in the history of mankind

فارتد نحو القلب يغسله بما * * * أجرت دموع العين من سيل العبر
So he rushed back to the heart washing it with the tears Of his eyes that flowed from the flood of sorrow

و يقول يا قلب انتقم مني و لا * * * تغفر فإن جريمتي لا تغتفر
And he said, “O heart! Take your revenge from me and do not Forgive, because my crime is unforgiveable.

و إذا غفرت فإنني أقضي * * * انتــحارا مثل من قبلي انتحر
And if you forgive then surely I will kill myself Like those before me who have committed suicide.”

فاستل خنجره ليقتل نفسه * * * طعناً فيبقى عبرة لمن اعتبر
So as he unsheathed his dagger to kill himself, A stabbing that would remain as an example to those who seek lessons,

ناداه قلب الأم كف يداً و لا * * * تذبح فؤادي مرتين على الأثر
The heart of the mother called him saying, “Stop your hand and do not strike my heart twice in succession!”


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